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Pre-order now: The Story of the Season We Made History

Wed, 07/29/2020 - 12:34

Bask in the complete story of Liverpool's title-winning season in a special champions magazine available to pre-order now.

The Reds returned to the summit of English football in 2019-20 as Jürgen Klopp guided his team to a club-record 99 points, ending a 30-year wait for the championship.

To celebrate their achievement, the writing team behind the official LFC matchday programme and magazine have produced a souvenir edition to recap an historic campaign.

The 116-page magazine includes a game-by-game guide to the champions’ season, including match reports, analysis and stunning photography from all 38 fixtures.

There’s reaction from the manager, his players, pundits and the media, as well as a wealth of facts and stats from a record-breaking period.

It’s a must-have purchase for Reds fans, available to pre-order now for £6.99.

Copies will be dispatched in the week commencing August 3.

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Conor Bradley signs first pro contract with Liverpool FC

Tue, 07/28/2020 - 12:59

Conor Bradley has signed his first professional contract with Liverpool FC.

The 17-year-old joined the Reds last year having played with Dungannon United Youth and Dungannon Swifts.

The Northern Ireland youth international - he captained his country’s U16s to success in the Victory Shield - officially signed in September 2019 after receiving international clearance.

A versatile and athletic player, Bradley has played most of his Liverpool games at right-back for the U18s, although he can also be deployed further forward.

His first goal arrived against West Bromwich Albion in November and he scored a superb effort versus Tottenham Hotspur on his FA Youth Cup debut in December.

One of Bradley's season highlights was a late headed winner against Stoke City in January and, by the end of the campaign, he had also made his bow in the UEFA Youth League and with the U23s in the Premier League International Cup fixture with Paris Saint-Germain.

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Season ticket holders reminded to complete Fan Update

Tue, 07/28/2020 - 10:00

Phase two of Liverpool FC's Fan Update programme is well under way, with more than 11,000 supporters successfully completing the process.

Fan Update has been designed to ensure that just one season ticket is registered per supporter. It gives fans who have been regularly using a season ticket that may not be in their name the chance to register that ticket for themselves with the written permission of its owner. Often the season ticket is in the name of a family member or friend.

All season ticket holders need to confirm or amend their registered details via the Fan Update platform online before Friday August 14, 2020.

We would like to thank supporters for their patience and understanding while they complete the Fan Update process, and while we work through a large number of inbound questions of requests we are currently receiving.

We ask that all supporters who have completed the process remain patient and wait to receive correspondence from us to confirm their submission has been accepted, rather than contacting the club to check on the status of their application.

Any supporters with questions should first check the Help Centre page to find detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Phil Dutton, vice-president, ticketing and hospitality at Liverpool FC, said: “It’s extremely positive to see that so many of our season ticket holders have already successfully completed Fan Update since it launched – we are on track for completing the process by the deadline thanks to our supporters’ co-operation.

“The process is really important as we move towards adapted ways that football matches are being held at present, it allows us to make Anfield more secure for our fans, while keeping supporters safe by knowing who is in the stadium. It will also enable us to make the process of buying tickets as fair as possible.

“We’d like to thank all supporters for their patience and encourage all season ticket holders who have not yet done so to complete Fan Update as quickly as possible.”

Fans can complete the process by going to

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Dejan Lovren interview | 'I have no regrets, I'm proud of what we achieved'

Tue, 07/28/2020 - 09:59

Dejan Lovren leaves Liverpool with no regrets as the defender becomes a 'new supporter' after winning the Champions League and Premier League in his six years with the club.

It was announced on Monday – the anniversary of the Croatian’s arrival in 2014 – that he has brought an end to his Anfield stay and will now embark on a new challenge with Zenit St. Petersburg.

Lovren departs with the legacy of being a member of the Reds side that ended the 30-year wait for a league title, having won a sixth European Cup too the previous year.

In total, the centre-back made 185 appearances and scored eight goals during his time on Merseyside, experiencing difficult moments along the way but ultimately playing his part in the highest highs of the last 14 months.

Shortly after his transfer was confirmed on Monday, he spoke to via video call from Croatia to reflect on his Liverpool career and explain why this was the right time to say goodbye.

He discussed the key moments of an eventful spell, the impact of Jürgen Klopp, his close friendship with Mohamed Salah and why the success of recent seasons can be just a beginning for the current team.

Watch the interview below or scroll down to read a full transcript…

Watch: Dejan Lovren's farewell interview in full

This must be an emotional time for you and an emotional few days – how are you feeling at the moment?

Yeah, like all these six years, it was emotional from the beginning until the end. The last couple of days especially now, I was feeling happy winning the Premier League with the team. On the other hand, I was feeling sad I’m leaving a big, big club with so many memories in my heart which I will keep forever. But I can be proud of everything I achieved with the club. I came [here] like a boy at 24, 25 with hopes and dreams to achieve something big at the club. I always said to myself, ‘I need to bring something back home and bring people happiness.’ At the end, I can say we made it together. That was a big journey for me that I will always carry forever in my heart.

How were your final few days at Melwood? Did you get chance to say goodbye to everyone properly?

Yes [but] I couldn’t catch the people from Melwood, unfortunately – people in the kitchen and people around. We didn’t see each other for a long time because of COVID-19. But I had the opportunity to say goodbye to every player and the coaching staff. It’s sad, you know. But I made a lot of friends there and I told them today Liverpool have one more supporter and he’s from Croatia.

What’s the mental process of a decision like this one you’ve taken? You’ll obviously have your reasons for wanting a new challenge but you’re leaving a club you’re so used to after six years, the Premier League champions and world champions. What are the pros and cons and balancing you’ve had to go through?

It was a big decision in my life, in the end. I have kids who are going to school there, I made a lot of friends in Liverpool and I’m not the type of player who wants to change every couple of years [to] somewhere else. But it was a decision that I took with an open heart and a clear mind. It was tough. But I think it was the right decision to go [out] on the top and look later on and tell myself it’s a good decision. I think I gave everything for the club, I don’t know if I could maybe give much more; I always gave everything, 100 per cent on the pitch. I have no regrets for anything that happened, even with some mistakes, with tears, with bad moments, bad games – everything happened for a reason. And it just made it even better now. So, I think I can be proud of everything.

There have been some lovely tributes to you from everyone at Liverpool, not least from your good friend Mo Salah. He has spent a lot of time winding you up but he says he loves you and you can really see he means it in that message he sent you…

Yeah, I saw it. I don’t want to show too many emotions because I’ve already been crying before the last game. They saw that I felt the emotions. Especially also leaving Mo, my good friend. It was something special but like I always said, it’s just the beginning of a big friendship, even when we’ll be far apart. He knows he can always call me for whatever reason, I’m always here for him. It’s not just Mo, it’s all the people at the club – the staff, medical staff. We’ve been like a big family, and this is why Liverpool is so big: because we care for each other. I wish everyone good luck and I want that they stay healthy. We will always be in touch.

Watch: Salah's message to Lovren

Do you think your friendship was a symbol of the dressing room and the power of football? You come from different backgrounds, different places and play different roles on the pitch, and you’ve grown so close…

Yeah, 100 per cent. People can see what is also important in football, it’s about friendships inside and outside the dressing room – it’s not just let’s play football and be only teammates. I only use teammates as a word, but for me it’s different – they are my friends, who I need to cover their backs and they are covering my back. We are all in the same ship. People understand the friendship, especially for me and Mo, what it means. I can see a lot of positive comments and maybe a couple of years later we can be all together, proud of this achievement.

You leave us with a Premier League winner’s medal around your neck. How important was it and what did it mean to you to sign off in that way?

Incredibly proud. You cannot imagine the emotions I still have, especially from before the last game. Liverpool lifting the trophy, unfortunately not with our fans, but we know in our hearts they have been with us from day one. So, I will carry this forever. Forever. I can proudly say later to my grandkids that I played for Liverpool that year when Liverpool won the Premier League. This one will never be forgotten. So I’m really proud.

[embedded content]

You’ve been here throughout the whole of Jürgen Klopp’s era, you were already here on day one. You’ll know as well as anyone the way he’s transformed this club. Is there one or several key factors you can put it down to, what he’s done for Liverpool?

Definitely – from my perspective, without Klopp it wouldn’t be the same. We can all agree with that. He changed our mentality, he changed our work ethic, he changed a lot. Not just football-wise; he also changed things around the club, he got the belief from the supporters and even in bad moments fans were sticking around always. It’s great to see that. I just cannot thank Jürgen enough for his support, he supported me not just in football, he supported me around my personal life. And I will never forget that. I had many problems and only he knew the problems. He was like a friend for me, like a dad, who I could come to and say all the problems. One day, we will look back and we can laugh all together and share good memories. This is what we’ll do.

What are your personal highlights over the six years? If you had to pick out one or two things that meant most to you?

Many of them. I would say all the finals we played, even the lost finals, it was a big dream come true. Even when we missed [out] and there were tears and everything. Especially the moments against Dortmund, I think every supporter will never forget that. Nights like Barcelona, even Kiev – though we lost it, that was the main part where we switched on another gear and then we made it next year in Madrid. And then especially all these trophies we won this year. And then the top of the [mountain] – the Premier League.

[embedded content]

You mentioned Kiev – you predicted almost immediately afterwards that we’d be back the following season. It’s an easy thing to say but a much harder thing to do. Why were you so convinced we’d do it?

Because I’m still convinced it’s just the beginning of something big for the club. With the right manager and the right approach of the people behind the manager, all the club staff, and at the end the players, they are going in the right direction. I knew it straight away from that moment on that we are so strong that we can beat everyone. I wasn’t afraid to say that.

How did you deal with that summer in particular, because for a footballer it couldn’t really have got much tougher. You lost the Champions League final and then the World Cup final with Croatia – two huge near-misses. Was it more pride or disappointment for you?

It was definitely a big disappointment but I’m a guy who will always dig deeper after a bad thing, even if somebody tells me you cannot do it, I will try to do it. This is the mentality of the team also – ‘We didn’t do it the first time, but we’ll have another year to prove everyone wrong.’ That’s the great winning mentality of this club and this team. I’m leaving a big club and I’m proud of that.

Did that make the experiences of the last 12 to 18 months all the sweeter? You’ve had those lows, you’ve refused to give up and you’ve had your reward personally and with Liverpool with all these trophies in the last year…

Definitely, this is what was keeping us motivated from that moment when Klopp came. He said: ‘Guys, we will also have bad moments but don’t put your head down, put it high up and be proud, however you played. But give everything on the pitch.’ And that was important for us from day one. Supporters recognise that and this is how we’re doing. There will never be perfect days but when you give everything on the pitch you can always hold your head up high.

That’s certainly something nobody can dispute with you – your passion. You really have given it everything from day one, which coincidentally was six years ago today when you signed for the club…

It’s unbelievable. Six years, the Champions League was the sixth trophy for Liverpool, I wear the number six. A lot of sixes, there’s a reason. It’s a good moment to go and to look back without any regret, that was the most important thing for me. To give everything and that supporters can say I gave 100 per cent for this club, this means more than anything to me.

And you and the rest of the lads, whatever you all go on to do individually, you take your place in the Liverpool history books now – a first title for 30 years and Champions League winners…

It was always a dream to come here and leave some footsteps. This is what I said also in the beginning when I arrived, I didn’t come here just to play games, I’m here to leave some footsteps and to be recognised even 10, 15, 20 years later, people will still remember the Premier League, the season where everything was won. It’s fantastic to be just a part of this club and I will carry all these moments forever. I couldn’t do much more, I don’t know what to do more – that’s why I’m saying I’m really proud of that.

Finally, then, what’s your farewell message to the Liverpool fans?

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in bad moments, on the worst days, and in the best moments. You saw me crying, you saw me smiling but you know I left everything on the pitch. Also around the pitch I tried to be the best member of the club to show that I really care for the people, for the Liverpool supporters. I hope you are happy with that. Like I said, I will always be a Red – you have a new supporter now from Croatia. Thank you again and see you soon.

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LFC shows support for 'Mentally Healthy Football'

Mon, 07/27/2020 - 16:00

Liverpool FC has welcomed a joint declaration from the UK football family signifying its support for building a mentally healthy environment at every level of the game, as a lasting legacy of the Heads Up campaign.

LFC has long championed mental health awareness, supporting the season-long Heads Up campaign and many other initiatives. 

The Mentally Healthy Football Declaration will see all of UK football recognising that mental health is as important as physical health, and pioneering a ‘team approach’ on this important issue.

The UK football family will build on the important work that clubs and football organisations are already doing, working together to roll out these efforts across the football system, share best practice, and support the development of ‘mentally healthy clubs’ at every level of the game.

The landmark declaration has been signed by senior figures from across the football system, including the FA, the Premier League, the English Football League (EFL), Scottish FA, Wales FA, Irish FA, League Managers Association (LMA), Professional Footballers' Association (PFA), Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) and League Football Education (LFE).

Following an unprecedented season for football, mental health issues are more relevant than ever. Through the declaration, football has committed to working together to embed an environment across all of UK football:

  • Where players and staff are encouraged to look after their mental health just as they look after their physical health.
  • Where they feel able to spot the signs that they, a teammate or colleague might be struggling and know where to access support. 
  • Where speaking out about mental health is seen as a sign of strength rather than weakness.

The declaration will see us form a UK-wide mental health implementation group next season, working towards a collective ‘game plan’ for the first time to ensure the mental health of players, staff, managers, coaches and officials is prioritised across the game. 

The declaration has also been welcomed by Heads Up’s charity partners Mind, CALM and Sporting Chance, who will work with us all next season to take the declaration forward.

You can find out more about the Heads Up campaign by clicking here.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold | 'This title belongs to everyone connected to LFC'

Mon, 07/27/2020 - 15:00

A proud Trent Alexander-Arnold has dedicated Liverpool’s Premier League title to everyone connected to the club.

The boyhood Red and ‘Scouser in our team’, still aged just 21, has fulfilled his dreams over the last 14 months by being a crucial cog in Jürgen Klopp’s trophy-winning machine.

Born and raised in the city, Alexander-Arnold knows exactly what it means for the club to be English champions once again - but he does not feel he merits special recognition for his significant role in ending a 30-year wait.

Watch our exclusive Champions interview with Trent Alexander-Arnold in full on LFCTV GO now. You can start a free one-month trial of LFCTV GO now and this can be cancelled at any time.

“It’s a proud moment. It’s not just me who has done it, it’s the whole team. I can’t sit here and say that I feel like I’ve done more than others, because I haven’t,” the right-back states, during his interview for our exclusive Champions series.

“It’s the full squad, staff and everyone’s effort: the whole club has pulled together to be able to achieve these things with the fans, the staff, the players, the coaches, the manager - everyone has pulled together, everyone wants to achieve this. We’ve waited so long and we’ve been able to do it. 

“Like I said, that’s down to the whole club, the way it’s run and the way we believe our beliefs. I think it’s what we deserve and it’s something we set out to achieve probably last season but we weren’t able to do it. 

“We showed that a knockback like not winning it last season would just motivate us to go again this season and be able to achieve amazing things, like we have done. 

“We’re really proud as a team and I’m proud to be able to see everyone in the city so happy - well, all the Liverpool fans obviously! It’s a proud moment for the club.”

Alexander-Arnold’s strong sense of civic pride and responsibility was again evident during the UK’s lockdown period as Merseyside battled against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Everyone in this city didn’t expect it but weren’t surprised by it,” he notes of the region’s response to the crisis.

“When I was seeing it, I wasn’t surprised because I know the type of people that are in the city and whether or not you know people in the NHS or people who are struggling through the pandemic - we all just wanted to help. 

“I knew that everyone in this city just felt an urgent need to help because whether you know someone directly struggling with it, you know that there are people out there struggling and that the NHS workers need the PPE and people are suffering from hunger. 

“At that time of year, it would have been so difficult because you can’t be in contact, things weren’t normal - and they still aren’t now - but especially when things were at their hardest, those sorts of things were amazing to see. 

“Seeing others help, it makes you want to help. You want to do as much as you can, just to make it a little bit easier for people; whether that be raising money for a cause, PPE, foodbanks, making sure people are getting the right nutrition, making sure they’re staying healthy, fit and active, staying at home and making sure that we’re protecting the NHS was important. 

“It was vital to get those messages out and to support those sorts of things.”

Salah. Van Dijk. Henderson. Alisson. Gomez. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Milner. Alexander-Arnold. Personal stories, specia…

— LFCTV (LFCTV) 26th Jul 10:04

Enjoy our exclusive Champions series on LFCTV and LFCTV GO throughout the week - Use code 1920GOFREE to get LFCTV GO free for one month. Terms and conditions apply.

More from our Champions series

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Mohamed Salah's farewell message to Dejan Lovren

Mon, 07/27/2020 - 13:07

Mohamed Salah has recorded a special farewell message to Dejan Lovren as his close friend departs Liverpool to join Zenit St. Petersburg.

The pair have struck up a lasting friendship since Salah signed for the Reds in the summer of 2017 and they became teammates at Anfield.

After both were crowned Premier League champions this season, Lovren is now set to embark on a new challenge in the Russian Premier League.

And Salah has paid tribute to the centre-back in a video message you can watch and read below now...

Watch: Salah's farewell message to Lovren

“I don’t know how to say, my friend. You don’t know my feeling right now. We’re really going to miss you a lot, especially me,” said Salah.

“You’ve been an unbelievable player and a great friend for me. We’re going to miss you a lot. I miss you a lot, I love you so much. You’ve been fantastic outside the field and inside the field.

“So, thank you for everything you did for the club, thank you for everything you did for me. I wish you all the best in the future and I wish you to have a great career as well, enjoying the new club with your family.

“Thank you very much and see you soon.”

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The view from Newcastle: ‘Saint-Maximin gets the fans excited and off their seats’

Sat, 07/25/2020 - 12:00

Liverpool face Newcastle United in their final match of the 2019-20 Premier League season on Sunday afternoon as Jürgen Klopp’s champions round off an unforgettable campaign.

The Reds can equal their record points tally of last season (97) with a draw at St James’ Park, or set a new benchmark of 99 should they triumph on Tyneside.

Clear of the relegation places, Newcastle will be aiming to finish strongly after a recent run of one league victory in seven outings.

But what can we expect from the Magpies? We spoke to Newcastle correspondent for The Chronicle Lee Ryder (@lee_ryder) to find out…

How would you assess Newcastle’s 2019-20 campaign? 

I think satisfactory is probably the right word to use. If they could get a win on Sunday, and it’s a big if, then it would just be above satisfactory as they would have then bettered their points tally from last season. I actually thought they were going to do it at a canter two weeks ago when we beat Bournemouth 4-1 with six games to go but they’ve fluttered since then. They haven’t won since that game and have been a bit disappointing of late as injuries and fitness post-lockdown have caught up with them. Sadly, they’re on a bit of a poor run at the moment. 

Who is your Player of the Season? 

Allan Saint-Maximin. They signed him from Nice last summer and he has been fantastic, when fully fit. He’s someone who really gets the fans excited and off their seats; he’s got a real good pace about him, a lot of skill, can beat a man and I think a lot of supporters like to see someone who can beat a defender and get a shot away. He’s definitely got that. People have been speaking about him in the same breath as David Ginola, Chris Waddle and other legends who played out wide for Newcastle. I think those comparisons are fair on his performances this season. We’re all really pleased with him and hope it’s the start of a good rapport with the club. Moving forward, hopefully he has got better seasons to come.

What will Newcastle’s aim be for next season? 

I think they’d have to try and move it on next season to a top-10 finish and another good push at one of the cups. They got to the quarter-final of the FA Cup this year, which is a vastly-improved effort compared to the last 13 years where they have struggled to get past the third round. It would have to be the top 10 and the latter stages of one of the cups again for it to be deemed an improvement on this season. 

Has Steve Bruce’s first year at the helm been a success? 

The fans would probably give him a six or seven out of 10 for the season he has had. I know he’s got some critics, but I think every manager will have that at some point. If they got a win against Liverpool, they would have more points than last year and the same amount if they get a draw. You’ve got to be fair and say that he’s come in and a lot of pundits tipped Newcastle to be relegated but, the truth of it is, they haven’t been in the bottom three since October and they’ve never really looked in relegation trouble. In my eyes, they’ve always appeared two or three games ahead of other teams. Yes, there have been disappointing results but they have beaten Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester United and done the double over Sheffield United, who have been everyone’s surprise package. On the whole, he has done a good job because he has kept them up, out of relegation trouble, and got to the quarter-final of the FA Cup. With a full crowd behind them, they might have stood a better chance against Manchester City in the cup.

Former Red Jonjo Shelvey is the Magpies’ top-scorer in the league with six goals – is this an area where improvement is required moving forward? 

That has been a problem, they haven’t had a go-to man for the goals. If you look back down the history books, Newcastle have had Alan Shearer, Andy Carroll, Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba – there has always been someone who can get you into double figures. This year it hasn’t happened. Shelvey has been the man to step up on occasion and get a goal when we’ve needed it, while Miguel Almiron has been decent and is the top scorer in all competitions with eight. That’s what we have missed: a proper, natural goalscorer. At Newcastle, we rely on that. The club haven’t won something for so long, so it’s always been about having an individual hero. Others have had good seasons to kind of balance it out. 

As a neutral, how would you describe Liverpool’s title-winning campaign? 

Jürgen Klopp has been building something special at Liverpool over the last five years. I thought they were desperately unlucky not to win the league last season, it could have gone either way. This season, it has looked like no-one was going to catch them and they’ve been as good as all the pundits have described them. They are deservedly the champions, so congratulations to them. Going back as far as September at Anfield, that day I knew I was looking at the champions. It was the way Liverpool went about their business after going a goal down; they just looked so strong and I felt there was only going to be one winner. You just knew that team was a cut above what we’ve seen over the years.

[embedded content]

How do you expect Newcastle to line-up?

(3-5-2): Dubravka, Krafth, Fernandez, Rose, Ritchie, Almiron, Bentaleb, Shelvey, Manquillo, Gayle, Saint-Maximin.

What is your score prediction – how do you see the match playing out? 

I think it’s going to end up being one of those late-season draws. Maybe 2-2. Newcastle are such a strange team to predict; everyone expected them to lose to Chelsea, Man United and Spurs but they turned out and got results. It would be a fantastic way for Newcastle to end the season, by beating the champions.

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Gallery: Liverpool FC Women continue pre-season preparations

Sat, 07/25/2020 - 10:30

Liverpool FC Women were put through their paces on the training field as pre-season preparations continue.

Summer signings Rachael Laws, Taylor Hinds and Amalie Thestrup all took part in the workout at the Solar Campus on Friday afternoon.

Take a look below as Vicky Jepson's side go through their pre-season work...

Photos by Nick Taylor

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Jordan Henderson: We're lifting the Premier League trophy for you

Tue, 07/21/2020 - 08:30

Jordan Henderson sees his responsibility to lift the Premier League trophy on Wednesday night as an opportunity to repay Liverpool fans for their role in the team's title triumph.

With matches currently being played behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reds must celebrate the end of the club’s 30-year wait for the championship at home.

But after full-time against Chelsea, a special trophy presentation on the Kop will acknowledge supporters’ impact on the team’s success as the players collect the trophy surrounded by fan banners.

And, as the captain explains in his matchday programme notes, Henderson intends to channel the feelings of the fans when he steps up to lift the trophy on their behalf.

In a detailed message ahead of the game, the No.14 has also outlined the crucial contributions of everyone who underpins what the players do on the pitch.

Read Henderson’s programme notes in full below…

I have been asked many times since we were confirmed as Premier League champions to sum up how I feel and I’m not too proud to admit I don’t think I’ve produced a good answer yet.

Part of that is because the initial feelings were too overwhelming. Anyone watching the media interviews in the minutes after it was confirmed could see that. Another element is that we still had a job to do and a relatively long wait until this moment.

I think now I can find the right word: gratitude. There are so many different people responsible when a team is successful and as players we are privileged to attract the most attention, the most praise and the biggest rewards. But behind the team there are so many different individuals and groups who make a side successful.

At Liverpool every single player in our dressing room recognises how fortunate we are to have the best in the world looking out for us and after us – and on a night like Wednesday it’s important to express that appreciation.

The supporters, of course, are a huge factor. Without them this club isn’t what it is. Speak to anyone in the world about Liverpool Football Club and the conversation always comes back to the passion and emotion around the club – and that’s entirely down to our fans. This is an emotional club and we shouldn’t shy away from that fact. It brings pressures, yes, but it means everything we do together means more – in good times and bad.

It’s gutting for all of us that our fans are not with us in person, but we can still make this one of the most enjoyable shared experiences we’ve ever had if we want it to be.

If anyone reads this column or these words prior to the evening of the match, I cannot say clearly enough it is critically important you stay away from Anfield and enjoy celebrating with us in your own way, at home. The city of Liverpool has been hit hard by COVID-19 and it’s important we support our healthcare heroes – the emergency services and key workers – by listening to the advice and staying away from gatherings which aren’t safe.

I promise you: we will feel you with us when we lift that trophy, even though you’re not at Anfield in person. We are lifting it for you – you’ve driven us to achieving this dream. But this club’s values are about taking care of each other and that means supporting us from home and in safe environments.

Aside from the fans, the other support network we have is the staff who work for this club, specifically the guys at Melwood but also those we don’t get to see as often. A club as big as Liverpool can only operate successfully if every employee performs to their highest level. That’s what we have here, off the pitch as much as on.

At Anfield, Chapel Street, the shops, LFC Foundation, community work and other club locations, we have hundreds upon hundreds of staff who go above and beyond to make LFC successful and so support what we do on the pitch. If the club is poorly run, the team has no chance.

Unfortunately, circumstance means we don’t get to meet everyone we can proudly call colleagues – but it doesn’t mean we don’t know about the contribution and recognise the significance of it.

The staff at Melwood, of course, we do know personally – and on behalf of all the players I want to take this chance to tell them they mean everything to us. I think I have the best workplace in the country and the rest of the players say the same thing.

Each day we are looked after by world-class professionals who create a culture and environment where players can thrive. Whether it’s the coaches, the medical team, fitness staff, the nutrition experts and chefs, the ground staff, the administration people or security... they dedicate their careers to make our team the best it can be.

It is no exaggeration to say that without these people the team would not be what it is. Without them Melwood would feel different and not give us the same energy. I hope everyone there knows how important they are to us and realise this title is as much for them as anyone.

If Melwood is our ‘home’ from a work perspective, then the impact of our actual families is something that each and every player will want to acknowledge after we pick up the trophy.

Of course, the rewards we get as professional footballers means that everyone in our family circle benefits, but what often isn’t seen or reported is the sacrifices made on this journey by the people closest to us.

I can speak from personal experience that without my immediate family, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Without their love and support, their understanding, their patience. They see you at your lowest and most insecure and they carry you on their shoulders. Each player in our squad would tell you the same, I’m sure, about their nearest and dearest.

I’ve been very lucky in my life with things that have happened to me, but without doubt the biggest blessing is my family. None of this would matter if I couldn’t share it with them and dedicate it to them.

When we win something, the players lift the trophy – but it is the families who lift the players. These moments are just as much about them in our eyes.

And finally, this team. What can I say about this team and our manager? I said my overriding feeling on summing up this season and becoming champions of England was gratitude. And my appreciation for my teammates and the gaffer could not be higher.

It’s no secret what this squad thinks of Jürgen Klopp. If you think as supporters you appreciate what he has done for this club, you can multiply that by a hundred for the team. He is our leader – he has set the tone for all of this from the day we walked in.

As I have said previously, and as the manager has said himself, he took over from great foundations laid by Sir Kenny and Brendan, and from players like Stevie. But he, more than anyone in my eyes, is the reason we are here now about to collect this club’s first league title in 30 years.

For the players... the lads I share a dressing room with and battle alongside on the pitch. I can honestly say I view each and every one of them as family. I know they’d do anything for me, and I would do anything for them. That’s what we have and we all know we are so fortunate to have it.

Being a very good football team that wins is nice. Being a team of brothers who wins is something else. But people do move on and have new challenges to face and enjoy. We will be saying goodbye to two massively important players this summer and both leave with our thanks for what they have done.

Nathaniel Clyne remains one of the best full-backs in England for me and I know wherever he goes next will have won the lottery to get a player of his talent. We all wish him well.

And then Adam Lallana. My mate. One of my best mates – in life not just in football. Adam is one of the best players I have ever shared a pitch with. Adam is one of the best professionals I have ever shared a pitch with. He is one of the best people I have shared a dressing room with. His contribution to where we are now cannot be understated. League titles aren’t won in just one season – they are a journey. 

Adam Lallana set standards that the rest of us worked to reach and as a result this team and club drove forward. No-one will miss him more than me. But I know he still has many years left at the highest level, so we will get to see him again, albeit ‘ratting’ against us and causing us all sorts of problems with his ability and energy.

So to finish, when the trophy is lifted everyone I’ve mentioned will be there with us on that podium, if not in person, then at least in spirit and mind. Their hands will be on the trophy as well. Our supporters, the staff, our families and our team.

The best things are achieved together. This is a collective achievement and one we should all cherish and enjoy.

Thank you all for everything.

Jordan Henderson

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LIVE NOW: Watch Jürgen Klopp's pre-Chelsea press conference

Tue, 07/21/2020 - 08:15

Watch Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference live with us from 1pm BST today.

The boss will preview the Premier League champions' final home game of the season - Wednesday's meeting with Chelsea - by answering journalists' questions remotely from Melwood.

Return to this page shortly before the start time to tune in via our live YouTube stream.

[embedded content]

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Anfield to host two Rugby League World Cup fixtures in 2021

Tue, 07/21/2020 - 08:00

Details of the three Rugby League World Cup matches to be played in Liverpool in 2021, including a double-header at Anfield, have been announced.

The city will host a trio of games in the tournament, which will see men’s, women’s and wheelchair teams all compete at the same time.

Two games are set to take place at Anfield on Saturday November 13, with the women’s clash between England and Canada first up at 12pm.

That will be followed by a men’s quarter-final at 2.30pm.

The wheelchair final will then be held at the M&S Bank Arena on Friday November 26, getting under way at 7.30pm.

Liverpool will also be the team training base for the Italy and Tonga men’s teams during the tournament.

For more information on the Rugby League World Cup, including how to sign up for ticket alerts, visit

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Quiz: Alisson Becker's two years with Liverpool

Sun, 07/19/2020 - 09:30

It's two years to the day since Alisson Becker became a Liverpool player - how much do you know about the Brazilian’s time on Merseyside so far?

The goalkeeper completed his transfer from AS Roma to the Reds on July 19, 2018.

And to mark the occasion of his two-year anniversary, we've prepared a 15-question quiz on his Anfield career to date - which you’ve got 10 minutes to complete...

App users should tap here to access the quiz.

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'Seeing Hendo lift the trophy will bring joy and happiness'

Sun, 07/19/2020 - 09:00

Andy Robertson is expecting an extremely emotional moment when Liverpool finally get their hands on the Premier League trophy.

The Reds secured their first top-flight championship in 30 years on June 25 but will have had to wait nearly a month to lift the actual prize over their heads.

The opportunity to do just that arrives on Wednesday night after the Reds complete their final home fixture of the 2019-20 season against Chelsea.

[embedded content]

"We can’t wait!" Robertson told "Obviously when we won the Champions League last year you get the trophy in a matter of minutes after the game and then you don't let go of it, so we've had to wait three weeks it will be, but to see Hendo lift the trophy above his head will be emotional. 

"It will be all the emotions into one, I think. Seeing our captain lift a trophy that has not been at the club for 30 years will bring joy and happiness and everything along with it.

"Of course we would love the fans to be there to enjoy a big celebration against Chelsea but it's not meant to be and we'll try to make the most of it. 

"But the fact that Hendo gets his hands on the trophy is enough for us and we look forward to that game so much, and then we can really celebrate with the trophy in our hands."

It will be the fourth major honour Robertson has held since arriving at the club in the summer of 2017 from Hull City. 

The left-back paid tribute to the support and guidance he's received from Jürgen Klopp ever since signing on the dotted line to become a Red.

Disappointing result last night. These things happen in football and we’ll learn from it. But next week the 30 year…

— andrewrobertso5 (Andy Robertson) 16th Jul 09:36

Explaining the manager's belief in him, the Scot continued: "Obviously the faith to sign me, first and foremost, from a relegated club, which probably I don't think I got many Liverpool fans excited about my signing when people like Mo and Ox were getting signed at the same time. 

"The manager saw something in me that he could develop into being a decent player and I'm glad he's done that. 

"It took me time, [first] three or four months was tough, but my relationship with him was the same then as it is now. 

"He still looks to improve me every day in training and he still looked to make be better back then as he does now. So my relationship with him is amazing and long may that continue because he's improved my game, he's improved me as a person and that's what you look for in a manager. So I couldn't ask for much better. 

"I don't think any of the lads could and hopefully he's here for many more years to come."

This Tuesday will mark the three-year anniversary of Robertson completing his switch to Merseyside. 

Reflecting on the move, the No.26 feels entirely at home both on and off the pitch at Liverpool. 

"Any Scouser I speak to, they say Glasgow is very similar to Liverpool and I find that," Robertson said. 

"It's been so easy for me to settle in here, to call this place my home is so easy and it's very hard to find that away from your actual home. So I believe I can relate to a lot of Scousers because Glaswegians are very much the same and we are pretty much the same people. 

"So that's why I've found my home here, I've took heart being in Liverpool and playing for this club and representing the badge and everything that goes along with it. So I suppose maybe that's why a lot of people can relate to me and I'm happier for that.

"But my relationship with the fans and the city is a very positive one and long may that continue."

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Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool: Jürgen Klopp's reaction

Wed, 07/15/2020 - 23:41

Jürgen Klopp insisted Liverpool will make a self-critical assessment of their 2-1 defeat against Arsenal at Emirates Stadium.

The Premier League champions punctuated an impressive opening to Wednesday night’s clash with a clinical goal from Sadio Mane midway through the first half.

But the Gunners capitalised on defensive mistakes to reply through Alexandre Lacazette and Reiss Nelson before the break, and then kept the Reds at bay in the remaining 45 minutes.

Klopp provided his post-match verdict to in London and you can read the manager’s interview below…

[embedded content]

On the performance and the rare errors Liverpool made…

We were very dominant, a lot of good football. In the end, why are we in the situation we are? Because we are a very good football team and we usually work on a concentration level that is nearly unhuman. Today we made some human errors, which is not so nice but not completely surprising that it can happen whenever. Tonight it happened.

Usually we learn from situations like this, we will do that now again. The boys don’t want to hide or say, ‘It’s not my fault’ or whatever, that’s all clear on the table. But around that, I don’t think I ever played a game with 24 to three shots against Arsenal, I can’t remember that. There are a lot of goals usually when we play against each other, but not that many tonight – at least on our side. But that dominance we never had before, I can’t remember it at least. So I’m happy about that.

But that’s not the only thing, because it’s a results game and we want to have results. We don’t have one tonight. We are very self-critical; we take that now and try to improve in this department, because after our ‘break’ when we conceded the goals, we were in charge again and played a good game. But when you have to chase a game and they are throwing in everything, it’s getting a bit annoying because of time play and they try everything – it’s normal, no offence, it’s normal – but that doesn’t help. It’s better you are 1-0 up and score the second one, then you are in a flow and the other team doesn’t know exactly what to do. Now they just knew, ‘We have to defend it with all we have.’ They did that and so they deserve the three points.

On the idea that good performances are not being rewarded with positive results…

In the end, it’s more important for me that we can play this kind of football. That’s, for me, more important. We know of course we have to finish the situations off but first of all you have to create these kind of situations. It takes years to play this kind of football, it’s not that you can just say, ‘Oh, that’s nice, I want to play [like] that as well’, it takes really time. We developed and the boys do it now – it fits more natural, I like what we do.

We want to have the results but now the biggest challenge in the world is obviously three months’ break and then nobody knows exactly [when we would be able to play again] and then it’s, ‘Let’s be champions’, and we are champions. We are relieved of course and happy and all that stuff, that’s clear, but if the boys now would show me that they are trying to be a little bit ‘play bad but get the results’ I could not be happy because with the performances we have only, I don’t know, three or four weeks’ break in the summer so we will carry on with this football.

We will carry on and then the concentration level, we expect that we are always there. Tonight in two situations we were obviously not there but we have to take that now and when we learn from it we will be fine.

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Virgil van Dijk's post-Arsenal verdict

Wed, 07/15/2020 - 23:00

Virgil van Dijk took full responsibility for his mistake while ruing the lapses in concentration that resulted in Liverpool losing 2-1 to Arsenal.

The Premier League champions began strongly at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night and deservedly took the lead 20 minutes in when Sadio Mane rounded off a slick team move.

However, the hosts scored twice against the run of play before half-time following rare errors from Van Dijk and Alisson Becker.

The Reds were the game’s dominant force throughout - registering 24 shots to the hosts’ three and having nearly 70 per cent possession - but were unable to convert their pressure into further goals.

Van Dijk told Sky Sports: “Well, obviously the goals we gave them as a present. 

“I think until their first goal it was totally us, we dominated, put pressure on them and we gave them two goals and obviously then it’s difficult to come back. 

“We created some opportunities, I think they tried to break on us at times but obviously if you give the goals away like this, like we did today, including myself, then you get what you deserve.”

Mistakes happen. That’s part of football. But it’s how you react to them that matters. Two big games to go, let’s f…

— VirgilvDijk (Virgil van Dijk) 15th Jul 22:37

The Dutchman went on to dismiss the idea that such mistakes can become more common in a team after they have mathematically secured the title.

“It’s too easy to say that, it’s too easy to blame that as well I think,” he said.

“If you watched the game then you can see that until I made a mistake, there was nothing wrong. We played well, I had a feeling we could win here comfortably at one point, but obviously if you give them the goals you see what happens. 

“Unfortunately I made the mistake, I take the blame for it of course. I take it as a man and we move on.

“We’ll try to win the last two games and get a well-deserved break, but we don’t need to forget that we had a fantastic season already.”

It was announced earlier on Wednesday that Van Dijk and his teammates will lift the Premier League trophy in a special ceremony on the Kop following next week’s meeting with Chelsea. 

The No.4 continued: “It will be a dream come true. Being champions of the Premier League is already a dream come true. 

“Obviously tonight the disappointment is what’s in my head at the moment, but I go home and it will be all fine. That’s the life of a football player: sometimes you win and you be the hero, and sometimes you can be the villain in certain cases. 

“Today, like I said, I made a mistake - I take full responsibility for that and we move on.”

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Match report: Reds beaten by Arsenal at the Emirates

Wed, 07/15/2020 - 22:15

Liverpool were beaten for only the third time in the Premier League this season as Arsenal defeated the champions 2-1 at Emirates Stadium.

Sadio Mane tucked home midway through the first half to give the Reds a merited lead but that advantage would be overturned before the interval.

Alexandre Lacazette and then Reiss Nelson pounced to put the Gunners ahead and the scoreline was unchanged despite the visitors’ exertions in the second period.

[embedded content]

Team news

Jürgen Klopp made two changes from last weekend’s draw with Burnley as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, against his former club, came into the starting XI.

Mohamed Salah clocked up a 150th appearance for the Reds in all competitions.

First half

With the Premier League title already secure – and a trophy presentation scheduled on the Kop at Anfield next Wednesday – Liverpool were again granted a guard of honour by their opponents before kick-off.

And after an opening 10 minutes of limited goalmouth action in the capital, the visitors almost got in front in unusual circumstances.

Roberto Firmino closed down Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez as he plotted a kick downfield and the Liverpool No.9 successfully blocked the ball, sending it against the outside of the left post.

As the Reds steadily asserted a level of control on possession and territory, a sweet passing move brought them a breakthrough goal in the 20th minute.

Andy Robertson scampered forward in the left channel to collect Firmino’s threaded pass and instantly directed a gift of a cross into the middle of the Gunners penalty area.

Mane was there to meet the delivery and clinically dispatched his finish beyond Martinez from around eight yards out. It was the Senegal international’s 17th Premier League goal of the season.

Buoyed by the opener, Liverpool maintained the pressure and looked the likelier to strike again, but instead were pegged back with 32 minutes on the clock.

Virgil van Dijk’s backpass fell short – and the defender’s appeals for a foul by Nelson were rejected – allowing Lacazette to seize on the ball, round Alisson Becker and sweep in an equaliser.

Then, a minute before half-time, Arsenal punished the Reds once more.

Alisson’s attempted pass out to the left flank was misplaced and this time Lacazette turned provider, squaring into the centre for Nelson to control and pick out the left corner and give the home side a 2-1 lead at the break.

Second half

David Luiz had already blocked a Mane shot before Salah fashioned a great opportunity to haul Liverpool back on terms within 10 minutes of the restart.

The Egyptian took in Alexander-Arnold’s low cross and deftly shuffled around Luiz’s tackle but his rising strike was tipped over the crossbar by Martinez.

As the encounter entered its final third, Klopp opted for a double substitution – Naby Keita and Takumi Minamino replaced Firmino and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Minamino was involved immediately after his introduction and dragged a presentable chance wide of the far post when he intelligently turned into space along the left side of the box.

Klopp’s men were camped in the Arsenal half and claimed more than 90 per cent of possession at one stage of the second period, but were missing the final touch they needed.

Their next opening came to Salah, picked out by Mane’s excellent lofted cross left to right, but the forward’s downward header was too close to Martinez.

Divock Origi and Xherdan Shaqiri were deployed from the bench with eight minutes to go, and Mane nudged wide of the near post from the angle as time ticked away.

And the equaliser did not materialise for the Premier League champions, who remain on 93 points with two matches remaining this season.

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Inside Anfield: The unseen story of Liverpool 1-1 Burnley

Tue, 07/14/2020 - 09:20

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Liverpool's penultimate home game of the Premier League season with the latest instalment of Inside Anfield.

The champions were held at their home ground for the first time in the league this term as Sean Dyche's Burnley left with a 1-1 draw. 

Take a unique look at the weekend's encounter in the video below...

[embedded content]

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Your chance to join the LFC team

Tue, 07/14/2020 - 09:00

Liverpool FC is launching its recruitment drive for the 2020-21 season.

The club is actively looking to fill a wide range of roles across several different departments throughout the stadium – ranging from bar and waiting staff, retail catering staff, chefs of all levels, as well as hosts and stewards and back of house stores porters.

You will embrace LFC’s great service philosophy and create fantastic memories for our fans during the 2020-21 season.

The recruitment team are unfortunately unable to hold weekly drop-in sessions this year but if you wish to find out more about the roles on offer or require any additional support to complete an online application form, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

To view opportunities at Anfield for next season and to apply, please click here. For more information, please call 0151 264 2070.

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Andy Robertson: Let's show why we're champions at Arsenal

Tue, 07/14/2020 - 08:30

Liverpool want to produce a performance of Premier League champions against Arsenal tomorrow night, explained Andy Robertson.

The Reds journey to Emirates Stadium on the back of a 1-1 draw with Burnley – their first dropped points at Anfield in the top flight this term – last Saturday.

They are set to face a Gunners side who will be aiming to show their own response after suffering defeat in the north London derby against Tottenham Hotspur.

With the title already wrapped up for Jürgen Klopp’s team, a record Premier League points total is still within reach if they can win each of their three remaining fixtures.

For Robertson, those elements make the clash in the capital an occasion to relish; one in which Liverpool must exhibit their championship-winning qualities.

“Not getting a result in the derby is always tough, you always feel it a wee bit more and they will certainly feel that with Tottenham coming from behind and getting the win and taking over them in the table and stuff, so they will be looking to bounce back,” the left-back told

“But obviously we’ll be looking to stamp our authority on the game. We want to go there and show why we are champions and put on a good performance and get the win that we want as well, and that we need.

“So, we are looking forward to a tough game. Obviously they are fighting for European football so they have a lot to play for, but the desire to win the game will be there for both teams and it’s about who comes out on top. Hopefully it will be us.

“Hopefully our quality shines through and we can get the three points that we want and we need, and then we move on to the Chelsea game.

“The last three games that we’ve got are really tough ones and we look forward to the challenge of all three of them and hopefully we can get maximum points.”

Robertson registered his second Premier League goal of the campaign at the weekend with an exquisite header to open the scoring against Burnley.

But the visitors claimed a point courtesy of a second-half equaliser, and the Liverpool No.26 explained why a quick return to winning ways has further importance.

He added: “It’s all about us trying to carry the momentum into next season now.

“I think everyone knows we don’t have a long break between the two seasons so it’s important to try to keep that winning mentality going and taking that into next season.”

After deputising for Robertson in the Reds XI at Brighton & Hove Albion, 19-year-old Neco Williams switched to the right-hand side of Klopp’s defence against Burnley.

It was a 10th first-team appearance of the season for Williams, who has broken into the senior squad thanks to his confident showings over the course of the campaign.

Those opportunities have been a deserved reward, according to Robertson, and the Scotland captain expects his younger teammate to make even more strides next term.

“I’ve spoken to Neco quite a lot,” said Robertson. “It’s great to see a young full-back coming through. It’s great to see him and that’s the last two games he’s started now, which will do his confidence and experience, everything, a world of good.

“I’ve spoken to him, I’ve given him small pointers but I’m not sure he needs them, because he’s got so much ability and so much energy, so much confidence in his own ability that he’ll have a fantastic career in the game.

“I hope he keeps on gaining that experience and keeps getting the game time because that’s so important for him. He’s been amazing in training all season so I’m glad he’s starting to get his reward with making his debut, getting his first start and then getting a couple of consecutive starts under his belt.

“So, he’s been great the games he’s played, it’s a great learning curve for him. He’s made mistakes and he’s done stuff really well but you can only learn when you are playing at the highest level and he is certainly doing that and every game he’s getting better and better.

“Long may that continue because it’s only good to have that competition for places. Obviously, being a right-back he’s facing probably one of the best there is in the world right now in Trent [Alexander-Arnold].

“But he’s got an abundance of ability and he can play both full-back positions pretty easily, so I’m sure he will push me and Trent all the way next season and that’s what we need to have – healthy competition in the squad.”

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